Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baking Up Some Halloween Math Activities!

I love, love, love this time of year!  I was up at school on the last day of September decorating my classroom for October.  Of course, my most important decoration is the giant spider web above my door.

It is definitely a test of self control for my little cuties.  It takes everything in their power not to reach up and grab it!  I periodically move the spider when they aren't looking and then never admit to it!!  I'm convinced that I have at least a few of them fooled.

We are also trying to keep it festive in our activities.  In math, we have been learning about 3 digit numbers, a HUGE deal to these little sweeties who only learned numbers through 99 last year.  Since we needed more practice comparing and ordering numbers, I made this cute little Halloween Cookie Compare game.

You can get your own copy from my TPT store.  My little cuties loved this game.  It also helped that I was completely silly as I was modeling how to play.  I pretended to "mix" up the dough in the bag, roll them out on a baking sheet, check to make sure they were in the correct order, and then stick them in the oven.  Too fun!!  Here is Halloween Cookie Compare in action in my classroom.